Use Idiomatic to Discover Emerging Trends Communicate Customer Insights Prioritize Product Improvements Keep An Eye On New Releases

Discover Emerging Trends

Skip the burdensome manual reviews that yield anecdotal and inaccurate views of your customer experience. Use Idiomatic to find out what’s really going on without bias and make data-driven decisions.
Idiomatic gave us the customer
voice insights we needed to
improve support operations
while eliminating the need for
manual reviews.
Joe Wang, Director of CX at Upwork
We've got loads of interest in the
Idiomatic data from across the
company! It's so exciting to see
Intercomrades' enthusiastic reactions
to the weekly reports.
Sian Townsend, Director of Research at Intercom

Communicate Customer Insights

Idiomatic provides the data you need to build support and awareness of the customer experience throughout your organization.

Prioritize Product Improvements

Instead of relying on tracking limited usage data, incorporate Idiomatic’s qualitative insights to better understand the full picture of what your customers want and why.
Heard from one of our PMs yesterday
that his Q3/Q4 roadmap was heavily
influenced by looking through
Ali Rayl, Head of Global CX at Slack
Pulling data for marketing and the
product team has been quick and easy,
and since we did all this with the Threads
launch, as well, I can also compare launch
data within minutes. Not only do we have
more insight into the feedback we're
getting, but we get that insight so quickly
and efficiently
Ruth Baril, CX at Slack

Keep An Eye On New Releases

By using Idiomatic to help track customers’ initial responses to new features, you can leverage early sampling data to uncover patterns or roadblocks that are worth addressing to ensure product success.

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