Turn Your Customer Feedback into Customer Intelligence

Idiomatic is for Every Team

From the simple to the very complex, Idiomatic can handle all kinds of datasets. Our job is to uncover the voice of your customer, so you can focus on and tackle the real priorities.

No Hassle Integrations

Idiomatic continuously analyzes the conversations that your team is having with your customers, whether by email, chat, phone, social media, app reviews, product reviews or surveys.

Integration takes only minutes. No need for you to pre-tag issues and no engineering is required — all you have to do is point us at your helpdesk.




Social Media

Customer Intelligence Dashboards

We start from scratch to precisely categorize all of your feedback and accurately display it in a user-friendly interface. The multi-level organization allows you to view high-level trends and also dive into the details of any particular issue.

Fully Customizable Reports

Get customized reports with the data you want to see delivered straight to your inbox.

Whether it’s keeping an eye on certain trends, tracking the impact of bugs, or monitoring a new release, you’ll see the latest data on the issues that matter most to your team in convenient Cards.

Dedicated Account Analysts

Regular automated tools can miss the nuances in language that signal how customers actually feel, which is why we combine our machine learning technology with a member from our Insights Analysts Team for every account.

Your Insights Analyst will become an expert on your customer data and a valuable resource for your team.

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