Unleash the Potential of Your Support Team

Understand customer feedback at scale to make your team smarter.

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How it Works

Idiomatic continuously analyzes the conversations that your support team is having with your customers - whether by email, chat, social media, or NPS survey. Simply point us at your helpdesk, and we'll automatically tag the text of your support tickets with very granular user issues, comment types, and sentiments; we also understand the context associated with each ticket.

We organize all of that tagged data and provide it to you in an easy-to-use dashboard as well as simple, effortlessly customized reports that empower you to help your support team to work smarter!

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Level Up Your Support

Fix Root Causes

With detailed insight into customer problems, you can tell actionable stories to the rest of your organization to drive product improvements and reduce contact rate.

Decrease Costs

Understanding your responses to every customer issue enables you to craft better workflows for the issues costing you the most money.

Improve Quality

By centralizing your full set of issue types, you can both assess the quality of your responses and establish team-wide best practices to ensure consistently amazing customer experiences.